Brexit: More than 200,000 sign letter demanding Final Say referendum in less than 48 hours

More than 200,000 people signed a petition to demand a right of a referendum on Brexit.

Just days ahead of the UK’s independence referendum, the petition came in at the top of the site this afternoon.

It was given over three hours ago, and was thought to have reached more than 203,000.

Today’s petition is seen as the latest demonstration of growing public support for a potential referendum on Scottish independence, after EU exit polling.

A similar one last month was signed by 3.5 million people.

BBC Wales economics editor Sam Webb suggested it marked “an important turning point in the referendum debate”.

Tory MP Tom Brake today called the petition “a very good starting point” but pointed out the petition had a significant number of false names.

The media has not taken it seriously.

Note the post? In really nice form:

The petition was signed by both SNP MSPs Margo MacDonald and Alasdair Allan.

Ms MacDonald said last night: “I believe the referendum debate will reach its tipping point in the months to come.”

Last night SNP MSPs called for a direct Scottish referendum.

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