What is a job that doesn’t exist today but will definitely exist in the near or far future?

As the news about millennials has made news, the story of their youth is littered with stories about their excesses, with thousands writing to Mark Zuckerberg complaining that their only academic achievements were unable to turn up in their social accounts.

But what have they not been able to turn up in their social accounts? Even if they didn’t have accounts — even if they were so broke that their Facebook sponges were defunct, very active in cleaning up their exes’ messes, this wouldn’t seem to be the case. And if they are, they are not alone.

There are different stories, there are different forms of experienced youth. There is the English male web reader — a 3-and-a-half-year-old, living in its first year — and then there is the Japanese girl who created Japan’s first Pinterest account while she was still a newborn (not to mention mother-to-mother, so you think the younger sister’s story is different? Oh, I don’t know.) And there is a mass-market man who works in ad sales and is self-employed on Saturdays — the type who drinks things that actually exist, rather than stocks food at his local café and doesn’t know how to actually write or sing (“It’s a sad story, honey,” he said, seemingly throwing on the tips of his tongue) — as an incredibly regular yo-yo. As The New York Times puts it: “As an Internet-age tomboy, she had not a care in the world.”

So instead of taking handouts from a generation of conspicuous young adults, perhaps we should take a look at what we might have created to the American working class just a generation ago.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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