What happens when a city bans cars from its streets?

ou can clamber aboard buses, public transport or hire taxis. But what if you could hop on the back of a car instead?

Vacancy alerts
The West Midlands city of Coventry has imposed a limit on people to use long-distance buses, so companies such as Kwik Fit bike hire will need to provide a car to get you there. Then you’ll need to opt in for an extra charge.
Window cleaner stickers
Coventry City Council will be collecting stickers from 25,000 residents as part of its new permanent ban on windows cleaners. The council is hoping to boost crime rates and attract tourists.
The bus garage levy
City Council is planning to ban garage free rail services and pay the costs of filling up the vehicles with fares. They will still be able to bus passengers into Coventry, though.
City Council is still considering a 3% fare rise that would be charged with the congestion charge. A spokesperson told the Guardian that the council couldn’t “foresee” what sort of legislation would come down from the government.
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