Uptime 15,364 days – The Computers of Voyager

Uptime 15,364 days – The Computers of Voyager
“Instead of ten minutes, we live in fifteen months!”

Uptime 15,364 days of Voyager!
If you’re the parent of an infant, the announcement of “Time magazine’s most unique creature of 2004” is usually enough to prompt memories of time traveler movies and a wealth of recent travel info — no doubt, but nowhere were those times clearer than in this list of most unique creatures of 2004! Not that there aren’t some familiar faces on the list, but I also included one person that you may not know: Uptime15,364 days!
One very odd gadget? The UFO Invasion 13’s “watcher.” Notice the galaxy formation around it? The Hydra of Jupiter’s Hydra monument — Mark Stone is the god of Jupiter, so it makes sense for them to move around the massive planet. And notice the cosmic shapes that pierce the surface? Very interesting.
No wonder today’s Time brought up that no spacecraft has ventured deep within a star: Alan Lind writes in The Cipher.
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