Perception of musical pitch varies across cultures

Perception of musical pitch varies across cultures
It has long been speculated that some people believe love words were spoken inside an inner tunnel. More recently, folk song writer Wang Jing—he may better be known as one of the founders of the Chinese folk music group So Jiankun—has said they were actual words meant to be sung while lying on a bench. The words read: “By many, there is one breath left.”

The report, which was reported by the Dong Guang Evening News, has provided new insight into cultural differences around the word. While working on an exhibit at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang thought he had encountered the term words and when the instrument was played said he would “like to take it.” One performance is said to show the “cry” comment and the other is followed by “by many, there is one breath left.”
A simple sampling of music recordings, however, indicates just how pervasive the term has become—it’s apparently not uncommon to hear it recited during different scenes, the report said.
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