Number of Self-Published Titles Jumped 40% in 2018

Sales of independently published titles jumped 40% in 2018, with 451 titles signed in the last six months compared to 309 published in the final half of 2017, and 687 self-published titles overall reached consumer distribution in 2018, according to a report by New York–based Sauer-Danfoss Publishing.

Self-published titles jumped from 342 in 2017 to 366 in 2018. Print and digital volumes of self-published titles grew by 59%, 56%, and 78%, respectively.
Sauer-Danfoss’and the Action Press’s two titles in the top 10 for all yearbook sales were Action Press’Fourth Annual Big-Kick Football book, the 2013 edition of which was the top seller. Action Press’s No. 1 seller was Microtiles 2006’s Fall of the World Spring Book.
Sauer-Danfoss’s Falling Kind of Red book, published last June, was the No. 1 non-fiction novel in America.
The survey also included four types of self-published titles (independent, self-published, self-published and self-published/self-published) and four groups (baby and children’s, high school and adult, and middle school and high school, respectively) based on yearbook data.
The results are a direct result of the firms’ improved distribution strategies and rapid growth in self-publishing volume, according to Steve Schildhelm, founder of Sauer-Danfoss and publisher of the Action Press. “The yearbook study takes note of the developments in self-publishing, and shows the rapid growth,” Schildhelm said. “But the self-publishing industry is still a very narrow field, and not all of the growth is coming from the self-publishing industry.”
The 2017 report found that self-published titles underwrote $52.6 million worth of consumer product in 2018, with 568 titles made in the last six months alone. This revenue is projected to jump another 20% by year’s end. The rates of independent sales volume are expected to increase substantially over the course of the next few years, with more titles hitting hard markets and a larger number of self-published titles covering broad ranges of consumer interests.
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