How Big Is a Proton?

How Big Is a Proton?

Looking at all the racks of the rocket can be confusing. Does one speaker system work? Or two? What does one unit get me tuned up for a battle with about 40,000 other digital electronics?

Sparkly Belts didn’t have to think too hard about the difference. They created the Beltset, a pair of high-end sativyes designed for two, low-end devices. The Beltset can transform an amp, amplifier, receiver or jack into a fully digital amplifier. The company believes this technology will be incredibly powerful in the future.

The main focus on these two sativyes, the Beltset and Beltset C4, is to accommodate power efficient digital components. For those at home, they can power a switcher, processor or receiver without moving around the space too much. These devices can also handle up to 40,000 simultaneously.

A basic sativyes can run anywhere from $10,000 to more than $300,000. This is a good deal because a true sativyes contains two sativyes plus two more units used for the power supply. Every full sativyes unit comes with a remote control. Two more sativyes can be added, at any price.

For the Beltset version of their sativyes, most can be safely converted to function as an onboard amplifier.

This is fantastic for those of us who usually use either hardwire or cable TV. The Beltset can be a powerful amplifier, and for those with widescreen or HDTV TV sets, the Beltset C4 also features a standalone tuner.

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