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Have you ever stopped by Starbucks, jumped in the car and kept going because your commute just got delayed or just couldn’t get home on time?

If you haven’t, now is the time to download the free iTunes app called “Sherpa” – an Alexa app that you can turn on your device’s auto-forwarding option.

There are probably some people that are similarly guilty of using the Siri voice assistant option, but don’t take away the power of using Alexa on your iPhone. The app will understand a call or request, show you what’s going on with your company, and even playback anything on a specific song (from Spotify and other services) through an Alexa-enabled device.

You can also learn how to use the app on your phone to make it useful without having to shout out loud.

The free “Sherpa” app was created by 21st Century Labs, and was featured on the Mashable website.

Since the app is free, it’s always best to be somewhat familiar with various voice services. You can go here to learn more about some of them, and you can get my open letter on Siri complaints on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Labs team created the Sherpa App to have handy step-by-step instructions for using Alexa, whether it’s to preview and print directions, or play on the subway. All you have to do is give the Sherpa app an “audible cue” like “Alexa tune,” or “Alexa tune,” with the audio description that exists on the back of the Sherpa app.

Here’s some of the instructions that were pulled from the preview and link below, for example:

Step 1: Edit the sound field in the Sherpa app.

Step 2: Follow the guideline from the Sound Field Re-rerecording step.

If your device is equipped with a headphone jack, you can tune in to the Sherpa in any location, or use the audio description instead of your voice when you’re in a loud bar. You can listen to the audio description on any source, including your device, without having to pick up and hold the Siri app’s auto-forwarding button on the front touchscreen.

Once your device has the audio description and Alexa appointment setup, use the app to play whatever is on your phone. Then, you can always tell the Sherpa app to play on your phone.

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