Encrypted web traffic now exceeds 90%

US has announced that it has passed the 90 percent download saturation mark for all encrypted web traffic.

The figure is held steady for the past five years.

Apple and Google’s ‘passed peak’ stat is 73 percent, which means that the last few months have seen internet users ping the system several times over for downloaded movies, games, music, email, and everything else, rather than wait for the scheduled end of the day.

Apple’s peak traffic is attributed to the progress of iOS 8 adoption with the current version, the latest iteration of the operating system rolling out to users as its impending release date approaches. There are currently over 3.3 million iPhones on the carrier-inclined networks and 2.8 million iPads, which means the Cupertino firm passed the peak on all four US networks at some point during November last year.

Even though the world hasn’t hit a peak, Germany at 52 percent is already used to this. The maximum traffic is reportedly 91 percent.

The added traffic looks relatively stable, if it exists at all. In fact, that’s the case with all the apps which are now officially accepted on Apple devices, from Watch, Mail, iOS Music, Messages, and Health.

Also, it’s unlikely to be too surprised at this. At least 95 percent of the devices in use right now are iOS 8 devices, the current version of the mobile operating system. As we keep going, these stats keep on coming in.

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