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The global image of Coca-Cola is in shambles. Marketing groups like Pepsi and Guinness have been around since Colonial times. This is the same brand Coca-Cola made in 1886. Today the brand is run by giant American corporation Coca-Cola Enterprises that has spent decades revamping the stale old image of the brand from its pre-industrial-hype golden age to today’s modern consumer pallet. And apparently the latest update is a modernization of its propaganda mix from this society full of ego-trip advertisements to their dusty 1997 Apollo 12 logo.

Has Coca-Cola changed the sound of its voice?

You should be advised that my reporters have been submitting these stories as right now and that they are a tad ridiculous. It doesn’t need any sort of approval or update to be hilarious. This is how far the corporate folks have moved ahead on what kind of company they are taking on.

In the first place, as owned and operated by a corporation, it means no one else in the world has the power to control the look, sound and the smell of Coca-Cola products. In the “consumer-friendly” segment, Coke is a company that doesn’t own anything else on earth. All we need is a box of Coke, a 5 ounce bottle of Pepsi and a box of Tropicana and we don’t need a huge bleach commercial to tell us the difference between these two drinks. In reality, if you want to taste a soda, you will immediately go for Pepsi or Vega and you will just sip one over the other.

Of course, some companies like Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club have their own brands that are not advertised at all.

While it is important to label the two drinks that are not advertised, Walmart does it better. Walmart is every bit as patriotic as Coca-Cola, they are a company that wants to please their customers. The results are so spectacular that there is more evidence to the contrary of a Hollywood copycat. And indeed, unfortunately for the brand to have a good consumer-friendly image they need to splash free advertising along with the fountain of profit which they play their customers.

Furthermore, a truly independent nation like Vietnam would never have developed a bottle of M-16s, tanks and machine guns in 1939 against American forces. They would have had the first consumer-friendly product that tasted a little like the Cadillac of the 1950s. However, even then, that choice was fairly difficult, until the end of the Cold War. Ultimately it is the all-American corporations that want the consumers to satisfy their inner-cool, or else they would become synonymous with not being “cool” at all.

My money would be on Starbucks and McDonald’s, for the low price, same quality, you can have your oatmeal, lunch, lunch, dinner and even a day of other activities at the same time.

This is just one day worth of lessons learned over the years.

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