What’s New in Python 3.8 for Developers

What’s New in Python 3.8 for Developers
With updates to Python 3.8 and Python 4.6, Python developers can now include “Domain Signaling” within the capabilities of Python, which makes it easier for developers to search and manipulate all domains on any Internet-enabled device. By introducing Domain Signaling, Python developers are able to search through the top 100 domain names directly on any Internet-enabled device, without the need for a third-party search engine. This capability also enables researchers to better support various technologies.

Also new to Python 3.8 are “Detects Things.” Phishing attacks that require users to verify URLs before presenting them to their intended recipients are now very few and far between, while snake scams are getting worse and more creative. In addition, Python researchers can now hide their operation by affecting the host’s memory and logic. A new feature in Python 3.8 enables Python researchers to create and model structures using insect-shaped GPS devices. The algorithms used to create this structure can then be shared with other Python researchers via Twitter or other networks using the Python API.
Other new features in Python 3.8 include a list of domain names for Python researchers that show how little the pages accessed by the Python users are designed to expose them, a live folder for researchers that gives them access to all Cogs in Python, and a new terminal that is easier to use. The terminal now will drop important terms, such as keystroke and text fields, rather than sending them out to a specialized daemon, making it easier for Python users to quickly check information in a website.
New implementation in Python 3.8 includes the ability to create pure binary. Donations to the Python Conservation Foundation are now accepted.
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