The Future of PHP Language Technology

The Future of PHP Language Technology
Today The Next Web’s Dharmesh Shekhar takes a look at the technology behind PHP, a language synonymous with pretty graphics and file formats.
PHP is the publishing management language for web developers. Among the platform that helped make the language popular was New Relic. While PHP has been around for a while now, it has grown into the most important language for app development in the world.

Just like WordPress, PHP has used the power of the web, in a lot of ways. There are more languages today (and everyone wants to play with a more stable version) than ever before. We’ve added many of them to the site, hoping to make them stand out from the crowd.
Like WordPress, the largest PHP-based platform in the world, what you find out is that PHP is on a tear. While you may not realize it, there is a market for it, which is growing like crazy.
One of the biggest things developers find new to play with is changes to the platform. Businesses like, Microsoft Office or Google Maps are all built using PHP.
And as more developers join the platform, it’s actually getting harder to find a way to use them. So is it time to ditch PHP? When and how can PHP be made more attractive?
To shed some light on this, we spoke to Michael Redlo, one of the co-founders and developers of VueInfo, a company that looks to bring online content to PCs and Macs.
There is no way to simulate what developers have been doing with their work, and while this is true for the large developers the vast majority of developers (like me) are trying to go the HTML and CSS route, something along the lines of what VueInfo offers is an option, and certainly one that would fit in with what developers are trying to do in the cloud.
VueInfo, by the way, is both Mac and PC based. As such, the platform is free and open source, but it is also open sourced. So if you’re looking for an an extremely impressive web app but don’t want to use as many licenses as you can afford, an open source shell (versus a proprietary one, as when using 3rd party stacks) can be just as powerful, if not more so.
We asked Redlo how he sees PHP and how it should be used. He said that PHP is core to web development, but it’s not all that great anymore.
When is it finally time to move over to some old school editors?
There’s no single answer here. Much of the game depends on the underlying technology behind the application you’re actually in. The Google Chrome web store is available for various levels of functionality, but the best use case will be optimized for the Web.
So how should a developer shop? It can be difficult to differentiate between PHP and WordPress if the names aren’t the same, and the price tags are almost similar (for many users, WordPress is still the best developer of the crop).
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