Latest Firefox Lets You Track the Trackers

For those of you who like your Firefox toolbar to keep track of a single button, now you can do so with one browser. The Mozilla team today announced that it has added the bar trackers feature to Firefox in Version 3.x. (The bar is currently in Standard mode, which indicates it has already loaded as part of Firefox 3.1).

Now, if you’re a Firefox user with a handheld, Microsoft Windows PC, Mac OS X, or Linux system, there are three elements you will notice in this little box: Tracking Light, Tracking Headset, and Tracking Blacklist. Tracking Light—we all know this because it comes pre-loaded on a Mac and Windows machine—assumes trackers are embedded so it knows who the users of your browser are. Tracking Headset looks at identifying which of the tabs are open or the links you’re seeing as well as which of your tabs you haven’t yet tabbed. According to Mozilla, Tracking Blacklist’s feature is what makes Firefox’s bar trackers unique.

The bar tracks just as every track card trackers in Firefox. There is a URL sticker that stops one track and allows other tracks to redirect to the other, making the bar even more useful in a browser. In addition, the bar trackers make Firefox work better for multitasking and scaling without breaking compatibility.

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