Firefox 70 Update

There’s nothing like a steady stream of updates from Mozilla. Yesterday, the postscript to the already long existence of Firefox came with the usual piece of article fodder, but even still, nothing quite prepared us for the deluge:

Mozilla today will be announcing several new features and improvements to Firefox for the Java Developer Program, including updates to the Java dev toolkit and new enabling code in the Firefox developer tool. This release will be released for beta and open source download.

OK, so maybe it’s cool that another source is dipping its toes into the waters, but ultimately this could just be Mozilla jumping to its own conclusions to an increasing threat from Google and other Internet giants. Why?

Less than two months ago, a Chinese team working under the name hacked the entire Firefox site and discovered that the version of Firefox that was being preloaded on Chinese users was a loose version of Internet Explorer. The supposed beef, commonly called, also contained bugs. Given what we now know, these tools didn’t end up fixing anything, so it’s now safe to speculate that Mozilla has caught the bug at the core.

Mozilla obviously hasn’t found the source of the bug, but the boldness of what was discovered over the weekend and the lack of punishment so far – particularly when compared to the action taken last year against Microsoft for its browser security issues – makes us wonder if it’s only getting started. A little altruism aside, Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker has always been a heck of a smart cookie, but there’s got to be some attrition involved with launching a new version.

In any case, if you happen to be at work tomorrow (you can never always fire an employee), Mozilla is throwing a deadline at you before the changes are finally implemented. It’s possible we’ll only see the release on Thursday, but it could be sooner.

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