Apple: We’re not handing over Safari URLs to Tencent, just IP addresses

Apple: We’re not handing over Safari URLs to Tencent, just IP addresses
Apple is insisting that it’s not offering user data to Chinese internet giant Tencent in exchange for a special system letting users easily search content stored on the Tencent Games and Music services.

According to Quartz’s Anna Akana, that wouldn’t be good news for Chinese users of competing Tencent services, but it could work for users in the U.S., at least if they didn’t get the Chinese blocking headache.
The arrangement could enable Apple to offer access to services such as the Search feature in Safari’s Web App interface as well as to search for videos, streaming services, video websites, and music services inside a general search process that users are more familiar with.
In a blog post, Apple said the company wouldn’t just hand over user information – the sheer quantity of users that Tencent has the ability to mine for such information is inconsequential, though the company says it’s working to develop capabilities that “allow” the censored service to work better for users without endangering Chinese users.
“We do not allow China-based Internet companies or foreign governments to store, request or send user data over iMessage and we do not provide these services to them,” said Apple spokesman Gizmodo Graham in an email to Quartz.
A Tencent spokesperson told Quartz, “Our goal is to give users easy access to the rich and diverse streaming media services from Tencent’s vast streaming media library” and said that “There are no plans to store or communicate user data on Apple’s systems”.
This story originally appeared at Apple News.
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