Supercritical CO2 is heavy like a liquid, with weird and useful properties

Supercritical CO2 is heavy like a liquid, with weird and useful properties

Thanks to the folks at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, you can now see some very large images, which of course show all the attributes of a supercritical CO2 injection device known as the Togasic 2.

In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, physicists discovered the wonders of the togasic 2, which is highly viscous and difficult to clean, which is how they created the images — something that has only been possible through the use of photonic quantum mechanics to penetrate dark matter, non-parallel dimensions or other properties that our understanding of quantum physics has never attempted before.

On a more granular level, togasic 2 is highly viscous, very strong and hard, which is then converted into a solid by using lasers to create a very hard, thin film of metallic crystal. This then becomes a substance with a very strong magnetic field to create quantum properties called plasmas, which ultimately allowed them to determine the typical characteristics of a supercritical injection device.

In the graph above you can see how dense the Togasic 2 is like a liquid. Not only does it hold high heat, but it’s extremely viscous, making it very difficult to clean. So getting an injection device that is actually catalytic is a very difficult task.

The reason a specific process can’t work is that during a supercritical injection, electrons are trapped within the solid, forming a black superheated lattice of loose electrons. That prevents electrons from being able to escape and will allow them to separate from the gas, which will likely split into two separate molecules and allow them to leave the solvent.

So if you were to have a supercritical injection device like Togasic 2, it would absorb many of the electrons, but will not return any of them into the solvent. This opens the door for an entirely new potential interface between inside and outside bodies.

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